1 Reason Why You Should Support the Super Eagles

While this post is for my Nigerian readers, you’re welcome if not Nigerian.

nigeria-super-eaglesI watched the Nigeria vs Burkina Faso match of the ongoing AFCON 2013 with keen interest. While I’ve heard a lot of analysis on how poorly the Super Eagles played, I think, on the contrary, that they had a good game. Yes, there were a couple of things that could have been better. But overall, no seasoned soccer eyes will accuse them of playing “like chickens” like a lot of people are saying on social media. What we must realize is that the soccer quality margin between nations are so slim these days.

So why should I support the Super Eagles?

If you’re Nigerian, here is 1 reason why I think you should support the Super Eagles no matter what…win or lose:

You Are A Nigerian!
Support the Super Eagles because you are Nigerian.
It’s too late, there’s nothing you can do about it. You can “change” your passport, but your heritage is Nigerian. Face it. I’ve seen too many Nigerians claiming to be British, Polish, Americans, Germans, Canadians …particularly during the Olympics. Funny. Hilarious!

Think about it…there is only one Country in the world that you will REALLY feel deeply proud of when the Country does well. Nigeria! Pretend all you can, what you will feel when Nigeria wins the World Cup will be unexplainable. You can’t feel the same way for any nation on earth. I remember playing soccer in Chicago last year and when the guys on my team heard I was Nigerian, they couldn’t stop talking about the Super Eagles of ’94 & ’98. “Oh I just love Jay-Jay”… “and that guy Headmaster” …”what about Kanuuuuuuu”. I felt so proud to be a Nigerian. Then came the awkward question: “Everyone knows you’re a footballing nation, what happened to your national team?” I just smiled. It still felt good that these people largely from Latin America, North Africa & Europe “respected” us. Maybe that was what inspired me to score 2 goals in Chicago 🙂 …I could almost hear them say “yea, he’s Nigerian”.

Some claim that they would rather support their EPL & La Liga clubs that are consistent…while for others it is because “I don’t want to have high blood pressure…this Super Eagles fit kill person”.

Again, think about it…this is us. As our bros from Warri will say “na we we”. If you don’t support yourself, who will? That’s the challenge of loyalty. It doesn’t take much to be “loyal” to a successful person. What is required for anyone/country to be great is unwavering devotion. Loyalty. Patriotism. Come rain, come shine. Any child can reach his/her potential with the unconditional & unwavering devotion of the parent. Don’t we all crave that kind of loyalty?

The good news is, that’s how devoted God is to us. While we were yet sinners Jesus died for us. Isn’t that lovely?

Back to the Super Eagles… didn’t we all recite this pledge countless number of times?: “I pledge to Nigeria my Country, to be Faithful, Loyal & Honest. To serve Nigeria with all my strength. To defend her unity and uphold her honour & glory. So help me God”.

We are not to support the Super Eagles because they always win. We are not to support them because they deliver. We are to support them because we are Nigerians!

So, “Arise, O compatriots, Nigeria’s call obey…”

What do you think?

2 Responses to “1 Reason Why You Should Support the Super Eagles”

  1. Ayokunle Ore January 23, 2013 at 8:40 am #

    Wow. Nice piece.

    Commitment and Loyalty is very key. Does anyone know where I can get the new Nigerian Jersey

    Fly Eagles, Fly….

    • Femi January 23, 2013 at 2:51 pm #

      Thanks. Sure you can get it at Oshodi.

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