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Take The Risk

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No significant progress can be made without risk taking. Behind every major advancement is a willingness to take risks. Take a look at major organizations and countries that are leading the curve, and you will see a common thread: someone or a group of people were willing to take major risks…sometimes putting their lives on the line.

Even in our daily lives: getting married is a risk; taking that job is a risk; going to school is a risk…etc…

As we do life however, we tend to get burnt time and again because of the risks we had taken, or we see the scars of others because of the risks they had taken. Inadvertently, we become averse to taking risks. We tell ourselves that we take “calculated risks”, meanwhile we over-calculate and end up with what has been called “analysis paralysis”.

While we should investigate before we invest, we must still decide if we are taking the risk or not.

Without risks you don’t need faith, and the just shall live by faith.

Jesus took a risk by dying for you. He risked the possibilities of you rejecting such a huge sacrifice. He knew you could turn your back on Him, but He died for you anyway.

What risk are you willing to take for your family? What risk are you willing to take for your children? What risk are you willing to take for your career/business? What risk are you willing to take in your walk with God?

In every area of your life, you are either a “Risk Taker”, a “Care Taker” or an “Undertaker”.

Risk Takers take new territories; Care Takers maintain the status quo; Undertakers perform the funeral. Which are you?

It’s All About Jesus!

Christmas is undoubtedly the most celebrated time of the year globally. With lots of lights, decorations, colours, gifts…you name it. All at Christmas. Visiting friends, family, shopping and carol services (and we had a fantastic Christmas carol service yesterday at church).

Interestingly, Christmas can also be the most depressing time of the year for some. A time that certain voids become apparent the most. “If only my marriage was merry”…”If only I was married”…”If only I have a child”…”If only I had more money”…If only…

Regardless of where we stand today. Whether we are merry or miserable…or somewhere in-between. We can only experience lasting joy when we realize that it’s all about Jesus!

The real gift is Jesus. Relish in Him and you’ll experience real joy regardless of the merriment or the apparent misery.

It’s all about Jesus!

Merry Christmas.

Does It Really Matter?

We all are faced with daily opportunities to take part in an endeavour. It could be a project, a cause, an argument, a gossip, an activity, etc…

The questions we should ask ourselves are: “Does this really matter?”, “Will this matter in 5 years?”, “Will it matter in 10 years? what about in 100 years?”. Before you engage in an argument, ask “will this matter in 5 years?”. Before you go into debt in order to buy that thing, ask “will this matter in 10 years”. Before you hold that grudge, ask “will this matter in 100 years?” Before you begin that project, ask “Does this REALLY matter?”

Chances are that you will succeed in your endeavours if you are diligent. However, it is pathetic to be successful in what really does not matter. Francis Chan puts it this way: Continue Reading…

Form Follows Function

The architects tell us that the shape of a building should primarily be determined by its intended purpose or function. Form – they say – follows function.

God is the greatest architect. He decides the purpose before creating anything. God made you. He decided your purpose before you showed up! He is not wondering what to do with you. He already has it planned. Form follows function. I want to share 3 insights about this statement: Continue Reading…


Obrigado! That’s “Thank You” in Portugese.

Maintaining a heart of gratitude is perhaps one of the best things you can do to yourself. It draws people to you. No one wants to hang around a grumpy ungrateful fellow.

Do an attitude check. Ask yourself: “Am I grateful?”, “Are my thoughts consumed by what I don’t have?”, “When was the last time I really said ‘Thank You’ to the people around me?”, “Am I really grateful to God?”, “Am I able to dance before God unashamedly?”.

Don’t be ashamed of dancing alone before God. Here (below) is a South African song that always stirs me up to dance before God unashamedly alone in my living room.

By the way, THANK YOU for reading my blog!

Where Is Your Trust?

Everyone is trusting in something. That’s how we’re wired. If you’re sitting on a chair, it’s because you trust it won’t give way under you.

Trust is rooted in the character of the trusted. When you trust in God, you’re depending on His character. You trust that God will do what He said, because it’s not in His character to lie.

To trust is to rely on. Trust doesn’t have a “plan B”. Marriages crumble because there is a “plan B”. Relationships & institutions fail because there’s a “plan B”. Trust disintegrates where there are alternatives. When trust in God is not absolute, it is impotent.

“Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart; do not depend on your own understanding.” Proverbs 3:5

Continue Reading…


A miracle occurs when God intervenes and changes a situation. According to Wikipedia, “A miracle is an event attributed to divine intervention.”

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that require a miracle. It may be in your marriage, finance, profession, health, etc… The good news is that God is alive and He is still in the business of performing miracles.

Don’t give up, God hasn’t given up on you!

Stop looking at the seemingly impossible situation. Look at the God of all possibilities. He is mighty to save. He is mighty to deliver.

Think about how great God is. Think about where God has brought you from. Think about all He has done in the past. My friend, God will do it again!!!

The God that gave Hannah a child, will make you fruitful in every area of your life. The God that turned water into wine, healed the sick, raised the dead, brought out money from the mouth of the fish

…He will Do It Again in your life!


Incompetence is the bane of a lot of individuals & institutions. Incompetent businesses, incompetent governments, incompetent husbands/wives, incompetent leaders, incompetent doctors, incompetent pastors, incompetent students… etc…

Competence is indispensable in order for you to fulfill your destiny. The fact that God has a great future planned for you is no guarantee that you will fulfill His plan for your life. I have seen a lot of people with huge potential rot due to incompetence. I have seen nations with mammoth sized resources and potential decay due to incompetence.

Continue Reading…


One of the key essentials of leadership is vision. In fact without vision, there can be no leadership. You can occupy a leadership position, but without a vision you are incapable of really leading.

Everyone is a leader in one capacity or the other. As the father/husband what is your vision for your family?…as the mother/wife, what is your vision for your husband/children?…what is your vision for your business/career?…what is the vision for your life?

Let me share a few thoughts on vision: Continue Reading…

Happy New Year!

2010 has been a very eventful year for me and for most people.

As we step into the new year, there are three things we must let go of and three things we must embrace:

#1: let go of self reliance and embrace God reliance. “without me, you can do nothing Jn.15:5”

#2: let go of bitterness and embrace love. People are not perfect. You’ll be hurt. Forgive. My advice; forgive in advance! 1 John 4:20.

#3: let go of laziness and embrace diligence! Laziness & leadership don’t mix (Prov.6:6). …and yes, you’re a leader in one capacity or the other. Brace up. Be strong. Take hold of your destiny in 2011. You will not fail!

Happy New Year. 2011 will be glorious for you in Jesus’ Name.

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