Why me, Oh God?!?

This week I’m focusing on our special Sunday service taking place next Sunday (17/10/10), so I will not be blogging as I used to. To make up for this, here’s an audio message preached at God’s Favourite House on Sunday 10th of October 2010:

Why me, Oh God?!?


PS: You can get more details about next Sunday service here: God Will Do It Again!

Are You Offended?


When God asks you a question, it doesn’t mean He doesn’t know the answer. Are you offended?

One of the greatest weapon the enemy uses to hinder a lot of Christians and has been so effective over the years is the weapon of offence. The enemy walks away victorious by ensnaring a lot of Christians with an offence. Continue Reading…

Open That Door!

A door is a symbol of access control. It allows people to control access into wherever it is. If God wants us to open the door then it is assumed that we have the keys to the door.  A door without a key has no “access control” value. Since we have the keys for us to open the door (Matthew 16:19), we also must be willing to enter the door and exit another room. Continue Reading…

The Kingdom of God

Kingdom is from two words: King & Domain. So a kingdom is a domain with a king. The Kingdom of God is the domain in which God is King.

Primarily, the kingdom of God is in heaven. Reading through the Scriptures, you will discover that the “kingdom of God” and the “kingdom of heaven” are used Continue Reading…

God sees. God knows. God rewards.

Yes! God sees. God knows. God rewards. We have seen people do things that make one wonder; “does this person really believe that there is a God?”

God sees. When we mess up and think no one knows… God sees. When your good is regarded as evil… God sees. When you gossip and malign that person’s character… God sees. When you are mocked and ridiculed… God sees. Continue Reading…

First blog

I will be sharing my thoughts on this blog. You’re free to comment. Be civil. Enjoy…

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